If your thing is no frills car insurance

Hastings essential car insurance

We’re sorry if you’re having problems getting through to us on the phone today, we’re unusually busy at the moment and customers are experiencing longer wait times than we would like. We’re doing everything we can to improve this but in the meantime if you need a new insurance quote you can try our online options below.

Here's a thing … most people are paying for stuff on their car insurance that they may not want or need.

So if you're looking for cheaper insurance premiums you've come to the right place. The Hastings essential product has been specially designed to provide you with what we believe are just the essentials - which means cheaper prices!

We have included, as standard, some features which we know are valuable to you:

  • FREE half price MOT voucher with every quote *
  • Guaranteed Courtesy Car **
  • A policy excess you can adjust
  • The option to protect your no claims discount
  • All repairs guaranteed for 3 years

For insurance which covers just the basics, get a quote now and see how much you could save.