About Us

Hastings Direct, a division of Hastings Insurance Services Limited, is a UK company providing insurance policies and related products by phone and on the internet.

Launched in 1997 offering customers private car insurance, our product range has been extended to include home and motorcycle insurance, as well as a full range of additional products, such as motor breakdown cover.

In February 2009, Hastings Insurance Services Limited was bought by its management from Insurance Australia Group (IAG), presenting an exciting opportunity to development the company as one of the UK’s leading insurance providers, whilst the Hastings commitment to quality service ensures long term security for its customers.

Hastings Direct provides insurance policies and related products via the internet, www.hastingsdirect.com, and through their call centres. Its product range includes private car, motorbike, home and motor breakdown insurance.

The company has become a well known brand amongst UK consumers with many people recognising its iconic brand image, 'Harry Hastings', who is regularly seen on both terrestrial and satellite channels within the UK.

In May 2008, the company launched Hastings Essential, a product aimed specifically at people who may be reluctant to pay for the policy cover that they don’t necessarily want. This product has been specially designed to cover just the basics, therefore providing the opportunity to keep prices extra low.